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New Freshmen
: The official high-school transcripts should be sent from your high school to the Admissions Office. We also need a copy of your ACT/SAT score.

Transfer Applicants: Please request each college you have previously attended to send an official transcript of your academic record to our Enrollment Services' Office.

Fee: There is a non-refundable application fee of $10.00. If you plan to resides on campus, there is a Room reservation of $50.00. Fees may be submitted electronically at www.rustcollege.edu or via US Mail to:
Office of Enrollment
150 Rust Avenue
Holly Springs, MS 38635

Deadlines: We have a rolling admission, so accept application all year long. However, our Priority Deadline for the Spring is December 1st. All others will be evaluated on a competitive and space-available basis.
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